A Night with Andy Gullahorn, Sarah Sample and Edie Carey

Music is one of God’s greatest gifts to humankind. As my friend Jennifer said tonight, it can carry you through the tough times, boost you in the good times, and it can grab your soul.

Tonight was one of those rare opportunities where I get a glimpse into the mysterious creativity that makes up truly amazing songwriters. As usual, I walked away in awe. 
After our Boston tribute run last week, Jen and I were chatting over beer and we discovered that we both have a major passion for a wide variety of good music. So a few days later she invited me to a house concert she had put together for a singer friend of hers, Sarah Sample. I love the concept of house shows and have offered to host them myself, though it hasn’t happened yet. 
Then she told me Sarah was also touring with Edie Carey and Andy Gullahorn
The same Andy Gullahorn whose music I fell in love with after hearing him on the Behold the Lamb of God tour with Andrew Peterson three years ago. 
One call to a babysitter later and we were there, with a plate of cheese and growler of homebrew to share. 
All three musicians were captivating. All three with beautiful but unique voices and painfully honest lyrics. I know enough about Andy Gullahorn and his wife Jill to just feel some of the emotion in what he writes and sings. 
We could only stay for one set because of it was a school night. During the intermission we chatted about faith blogging and life in Nashville and making beer. 
These kinds of nights fuel my soul. 

Twenty-six Lives Changed

Saturday night was the big night. I told everyone I know via Facebook and twitter and in person. Our church had announced it and reminded people over and over for weeks. Shaun Groves flew all the way from Nashville to Houston to sing at our church.

Not that many people showed up. I honestly expected this because our church has a history of this. It’s frustrating. I’m completely grateful they supported the event financially and through marketing but when the rubber met the road they didn’t support it with their presence. I’m so glad for those that did come. 
The few people that DID come sponsored twenty-six kids through Compassion International. Some people sponsored kids for the first time. Many people added to the handful of sponsored kid photos already hanging on their fridge. We added a little boy, Macase, thirteen years old, from Haiti. Yes, of course, Haiti. It just made sense. 
It’s easy for me to get down on my super wealthy community for not doing more. But this weekend the lives of twenty-six kids were changed completely. These kids will have a new relationship with someone far away from them who really cares about them. They will be fed and educated. They will hear the gospel and feel loved by Christians. 
Because the Spirit moved at The Fellowship. Because Shaun and Micah were willing to leave their families for the weekend and come to Katy for a little Tex-Mex and singing. 
For that, I can’t thank Jesus enough.