My Super Cute Dress from Fresh Produce

Happy Friday! A few weeks ago before I left on my awesome vacation to the northeast, Fresh Produce clothing company contacted me about reviewing some of their clothing. I was already very familiar with Fresh Produce and I love their stuff so of course I agreed!

When I think of Fresh Produce clothing, my mind immediately goes to the beach. The only place I’ve ever seen it sold is in those adorable boutique clothing stores I love to shop in at the beach. The most common beach I frequent is Bethany Beach, DE, so there you will find tons of lovely Fresh Produce dresses for spring, skirts, cover-ups and the like at Fish Tails on the main drag of Garfield Parkway in downtown Bethany. I love that store!

I know my mom has at least one cute beach cover-up from Fresh Produce, but I did not know that all their fabulous clothes are available online! So I scoured their online catalog and fell in love with the casual dresses and women’s resort wear in both bright and earthy colors. Everything just looks so darn comfortable.

I chose the Wrap Me Up Dress in the color Laguna, which is a gorgeous blue. I figured it would be perfect for a dinner out during our vacation in Bethany this year. But first I wore it to a ladies night out to a local wine bar with three of my closest girlfriends. It paired perfectly with my super sparkly sequined wedges.

This dress was supremely comfortable! I love the wash and wear fabric…I was able to toss it into my suitcase rolled up and not worry about it wrinkling or anything. When I got to the beach I just pulled it out, hung it up and then put it on. 
My only complaint was how low cut it is, so I can’t wear it to church unless I find an appropriate cami to wear under it, as shown here: 
So that model is obviously tiny and I am not, but it just goes to show you that their clothes are made for all sizes. Anyway, thank you Fresh Produce, I love all your clothes!

J. Crew Sanur: The Perfect Dress

Last weekend my family headed to the mall together for the first time in months. My boys desperately needed sneakers that didn’t have huge holes in them. Cheap Target shoes just aren’t holding up under their hard play anymore. Stride Rite is one of the only stores that fits the bill.

We had a little extra time so I requested a stop at the J. Crew Factory Store to search for shorts. All of my most favorite shorts and capris came from that store but they are all slightly too big now. J. Crew chino shorts are infinitely wash and wearable. 
While I was there I stumbled across a little piece of gold on the clearance rack…two Sanur dresses, one in coral and one in dark grey. I snatched the coral one up immediately because I already bought a floral J. Crew Sanur dress last year and I know how amazing and hard to find they are. 
What’s so special about this dress? It’s ease of use. The Sanur is made of thick stretch fabric and can be worn three different ways:  tea length strapless dress, shorter swing dress or top, or as a longer skirt. It can be thrown into a weekend bag without wrinkling and paired with all sorts of accessories or jackets for lots of looks. 
Here’s the black floral one I bought last year. After I discovered how much I loved it, I searched for other colors online and there were none. 
Fast forward to last week when I found the Sanur dresses for a mere $16. Major score. I’m still on a super tight budget so I only bought the coral one. Now I’m kicking myself for not buying the gray one, especially after seeing this way to wear it on another blog. 
So here’s how I wore it this past weekend. This was a date with my husband for our anniversary. I had a white denim jacket to wear over it in the cold restaurant and matching shoes I bought long ago at Kohl’s on clearance. The necklace is from World Vision, believe it or not, handmade in Thailand and the profits go to help free women and children from poverty. 

So if you’re inclined, I see the coral one is still available online for dirt cheap. Don’t delay.