Going to See About a Baby

It’s here, it’s here, the day is finally here!

2014-04-25 00.30.15 (1024x683)[2]About five years ago, God reached into my life and shook things up. He opened my eyes and made me see what following Jesus was really about, and set my life on a totally new path, in a completely new direction. Over time he did the same thing to my husband.

Two and a half years ago we decided to take a huge leap of faith and pursue adoption of a child from Haiti. Part of us really knew we were crazy, but it was pretty clear that this was something we were called to do. We also knew it would be a long time of waiting. We prayed a lot.

Over a year ago we got the name and picture of a scared and sick little girl, not even a year old. Our friends in Haiti had saved her life and were nursing her back to health but she needed a family to love her. We said yes. We prayed some more.

In February we traveled to Haiti to meet Miss Rosenaicha, and loved on her for a few days. We did all the governmental procedure stuff we had to do, and then we kissed her goodbye as she cried and promised we would be back for her. We prayed it would not be long.

Now finally, here in August, we are at the end of the beginning. Everything is done and her case has been approved by all the powers that be. All we need is a printed visa to fly home with her. We are leaving NEXT SUNDAY to go snatch her up into our arms forever.

I’m not excited or anything. (that’s sarcasm, in case you missed it) I can hardly believe it. There is also much fear and trepidation. She’s about to have her world turned upside. My life is about to get a whole lot busier.

In the meantime my friends have been awesome, showering me with much needed gifts and prayer and even donations for the orphanage! My boys and I have been having fun learning Creole via CD in the car. They are catching on quick.

So many things are falling into place. We need to pray that the US visa printing system, which has been not working right, will get us our visa in time for our flight home on the 20th. We also will pray that 3 hours is enough time to clear immigration in Miami. But most of all, we need prayers for our hearts. And by “we”, I most especially mean sweet Rose.

So thank you for your support and prayers to get us this far in the journey.

3 thoughts on “Going to See About a Baby”

  1. This has just made my heart so happy. Congratulations on your new addition to the family! Such a blessing to all of you that you were brought together and I’ve been blessed to watch the happy ending unfold and be a tiny part. Hope all the things fall into place and Rose’s journey HOME is a swift and smooth one so you can begin forever together.

  2. Congratulations! My son came home from Haiti four years ago and he is the biggest blessing in my life! Sending lots of prayers for things to go smoothly.

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