How To Get to Know Your Neighbors

Yesterday was the day of our annual Halloween block party! It’s the one time a year we really get to meet and talk to neighbors. We set out tables in the street, bring our camp chairs and share yummy food and drinks. 
My only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough. I could talk to new neighbors all night. I wish we did this more often. 
I brought my camera but was too busy talking to take very many shots of the dozens of cuties. Here are a few! 
These top two are my kids as dragons from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. They each had wire wings but they didn’t stay on very long. 

I cannot believe that darling Ava is so pretty and big! I did her baby portraits four years ago!

We have some rather awesome new neighbors from the UK, Mark and Heather. They had a great sense of humor and brought good beer too!

My Alex seems to have become the subject of a little neighbor girl’s crush. She chases him around the playground before school every morning while her dad and I laugh. He is mostly good natured about it, enjoying the attention. 

Last night she really wanted to trick or treat with Alex. She tried to keep up with him, but he was more interested in keeping up with his big brother.

This little lady is also unbelievably pretty and grown up! I did her mama’s maternity photos AND her newborn photos! She has kept her parents on their toes for the past few years as they searched for answers to her complex needs, but last night she was ready for serious trick or treating! We lagged way behind the big boys but she managed to go to a TON of houses all around our whole neighborhood.

This was the first year for my neighbor’s twins to dress up for Halloween. Aren’t they adorable? 

Finally we have my Nathan, his best buddy and little sister. In the background you see Alex hamming it up.

So now there are ten pounds of candy in my pantry. I have got to figure out what to do with it all (besides EAT it)!