My Super Cute Dress from Fresh Produce

Happy Friday! A few weeks ago before I left on my awesome vacation to the northeast, Fresh Produce clothing company contacted me about reviewing some of their clothing. I was already very familiar with Fresh Produce and I love their stuff so of course I agreed!

When I think of Fresh Produce clothing, my mind immediately goes to the beach. The only place I’ve ever seen it sold is in those adorable boutique clothing stores I love to shop in at the beach. The most common beach I frequent is Bethany Beach, DE, so there you will find tons of lovely Fresh Produce dresses for spring, skirts, cover-ups and the like at Fish Tails on the main drag of Garfield Parkway in downtown Bethany. I love that store!

I know my mom has at least one cute beach cover-up from Fresh Produce, but I did not know that all their fabulous clothes are available online! So I scoured their online catalog and fell in love with the casual dresses and women’s resort wear in both bright and earthy colors. Everything just looks so darn comfortable.

I chose the Wrap Me Up Dress in the color Laguna, which is a gorgeous blue. I figured it would be perfect for a dinner out during our vacation in Bethany this year. But first I wore it to a ladies night out to a local wine bar with three of my closest girlfriends. It paired perfectly with my super sparkly sequined wedges.

This dress was supremely comfortable! I love the wash and wear fabric…I was able to toss it into my suitcase rolled up and not worry about it wrinkling or anything. When I got to the beach I just pulled it out, hung it up and then put it on. 
My only complaint was how low cut it is, so I can’t wear it to church unless I find an appropriate cami to wear under it, as shown here: 
So that model is obviously tiny and I am not, but it just goes to show you that their clothes are made for all sizes. Anyway, thank you Fresh Produce, I love all your clothes!

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