Day 6: Arachnophobia

I am so terrible at choosing just one photo for my daily #NaPhoPoMo posts. Today was especially hard because this time I remember my camera AND my memory card everywhere I went. Which wasn’t actually anywhere outside my neighborhood, but still.

Plus it didn’t rain as much as they predicted it would, so I took a short break from work and wandered around my backyard for a few minutes. That’s where I saw this creepy dude with the hair and the bulging eyes. You might wanna click on the photo to see it even bigger.

hairy spider big eyesThis guy was actually hard to shoot because the wind was blowing the oleander bush around like crazy. Every time I tried to get close enough to capture him, the wind would blow him closer and I would hop back, afraid he might jump on me.

Bonus shot…a cute one of Pepper, the dog, who needs a haircut.


I will be posting a few more shots on my Flickr page and on the Water Water Everywhere page on Facebook, so if you’re interested give those a “Like”. Thanks!



Day 5 of #NaPhoPoMo

Walked to school this morning instead of running. Carried the camera with me and apparently embarrassed my nine year old because of it. I hate that he is of the age where I embarrass him. I want to tell him to quit worrying what other people think of him, especially because of his mom, but I remember being his age and how hard that is.

A walk after the rain means puddles and some nice reflections. I played around with this shot awhile, and I know it could be better, but it interests me regardless.



And because I can’t ever post just one, bonus shots.