10 Songs I Love to Run To

I have learned to love running. I get an amazing rush of positive energy when I’m done that lasts for hours. It makes me super productive in other areas of my work and homelife. Of course it burns huge calories and is helping me lose some extra pounds too. Competing against myself in terms of getting faster and shaving time off my runs is pretty cool too.

A good playlist is really essential to me when I’m running alone and not with my training group. I have shared some of my playlists in the past but I have a new one that is totally keeping me pumped up during my runs. So here it is!

1. Mat Kearney – Hey Mama
I reviewed Mat’s album Young Love and I still say it should win a Grammy.

2. Matchbox 20 – Let’s See How Far We’ve Come
Found this older tune in my library and it’s the perfect tempo and lyrics for my runs.

3. Jimmy Eat World – Always Be
Again, perfect tempo. Love everything this band does.

4. All-American Rejects – Move Along
Another older song with great lyrics for running.

5. We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices
Super fast so I feel the urge to step it up and push a little.

6. MuteMath – Spotlight
Have you seen this video? If you haven’t, go watch it. These guys are so talented.

7. Green River Ordinance – Rise Up
Yes I know I had this song on at least two previous lists. It’s THAT GOOD.

8. Arcade Fire – Ready to Start
My lists can’t be all pop music, gotta through some of that hipster stuff in too.

9. Foster the People – Helena Beat
Everyone uses Pumped Up Kicks at races, but I vastly prefer this song.

10. Good Charlotte – The Anthem
Old school pop-punk. Reminds me of high school.

Bonus! LFMAO – Party Rock Anthem! Because seriously, this song is crazy infectious and makes me feel like dancing every time I hear it.

So if you want to add some new tunes to your workout, check these out! This post is linked up over at Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday. There are lots of other great posts there that you should check out!
Top Ten {Tuesday}

Help Me With My Diet!

Ok people, I know you have opinions. And you have knowledge. You’ve tried stuff and read stuff and now I’m calling on you to share it with me!

So you know I’ve been on this “eating healthier” plan along with running like crazy and still working out at the gym. I have been religiously tracking my food and aiming for a daily caloric target of about 1200. I started off a little lower than that but I’m petrified of my metabolism slowing down too much, and since I’m burning about 300 calories a day with exercise it seems like 1200 should be the minimum.

Keep in mind those calories aren’t my only guideline, I’m trying to keep them as low fat and high fiber calories. I’ve moderately increased my veggies, dramatically increased my fruits, and reduced and changed my carbs. The only refined carbs I eat are the occasional handful of goldfish crackers or baked tortilla chips.

My means are generally like this: breakfast is a bowl of cereal (honey nut cheerios) or oatmeal or a high fiber english muffin. Plenty of coffee too. Lunch is a big fat apple, some almonds, or possibly a turkey sandwich on wheat thins. Maybe a healthy choice or lean cuisine on occasion. Dinner is usually chicken, veggies and a salad. Maybe a small portion of potatoes. I also usually have one skinny latte a day. I figure the skim milk is good protein and calcium without a lot of calories or fat. That’s often right after a hard workout.

A lot of days I end up with way less than 1200 calories and usually end up with some kinda carb to make up the difference before bed.

So I have heard lots of theories about cutting out dairy, cutting carbs entirely, even cutting fruit. I’m just not sure how to get more meat, bean and veggies in. Convenience is king in my house.

Anyway the scale isn’t moving as fast as I’d like it to. Maybe I’m just impatient, but maybe there’s something different I should be doing. So I’m wide open to your suggestions.

I REALLY want your opinions. Lay it on me.