Google this!

Have you ever tried to “Google” someone you know? How about “Googling” yourself? It can be kinda fun to see where you pop up in cyberspace. Who’d have thought the name of this little search engine would become such a well known verb. Recently I googled my grandfather because I couldn’t remember if his name, Stanley, was spelled with and ‘e’ or without. I figured that since he is an accomplished expert in the field of chemical separations he might pop up. He did turn up on the University of Houston website where he teaches, but more interestingly I found a website dedicated to my late uncle, Melvin Stanley Marple, composed by some guy I had never heard of before. I still have no idea what the connection between this computer guy who lives in Israel and my uncle is. It’s amazing how the internet connects us. After that surprising find, I decided to google myself. First I was astonished by the number of Sarah Hubbells in this world. More to my surprise was the number of hits that actually referred to me. Mostly either from my former emloyer’s webpage or my involvment with the Water Environment Federation. But there were some definate surprises. Like one from my church’s website announcing when I had nursery duty. And one from my college alumni association. Who knows what you can find if you really dig. I googled my husband and found one reference that was actually him quoting something about using SAP in a case study of his company on the SAP website. Imagine that! News to me. Then I started googling all sorts of people. People that I used to be friends with and don’t know where they are anymore. People I would expect to have something published about them. Since my sister is in the news all the time there were thousands of references to her. I guess being a spokesperson a conservative lobbying group will do that. So give it a try. The best way to do it is to put the persons full name in quotes. Go Google yourself!


One of my favorite new shows on TV, Supernanny, is on right now. Unfortunately each week the plot is very similar, with the same techniques being taught to each new chaotic family. Many of these techniques for discipline I have already learned from various books, but I like seeing them in practice. My favorite reference guide in learning how to handle him has been “On Becoming Babywise”.