Family Fun at Sea World AdventureCon 2014

For the third year in a row, my family enjoyed an awesome weekend at the Sea World AdventureCon blogger’s conference. I always enjoy getting together with other professional bloggers to learn from experts on improving my craft. AdventureCon is unique in that it includes cool activities for families at Sea World and Aquatica in San Antonio.

Third annual photo with Shamu.

This theme of this year’s conference sessions was “Amplifying Your Digital Voice” which meant speakers and panels on working with the media, storytelling, Pinterest and Google+. It was great hearing from my good friends from Houston, Sara Patterson of KPRC, and John and Carrie Pacini of Mom 2.0 and Dad 2.0 Summits.

Kami moderates a panel with Sara Patterson, John Pacini and Carrie Pacini.
Shoutout to Stacey Teet, queen of Pinterest.

The best part of blog conferences is always the other bloggers. We share ideas, laugh and learn from each other. The size of this conference is small enough that it gives an intimate vibe and the Sea World Wildside Ambassadors (which I am one) come to many events over the years so we really get to know one another well.

Tori and Jennifer sharing blog advice.

One of the highlights of this year’s AdventureCon was a tour of the newest attraction, Roa’s Aviary in Aquatica. This bird paradise is built over top of Loggerhead Lane with waterfalls to keep the birds inside, and even the little ones can feed all the beautiful species of birds.



We also got an exclusive behind the scenes tour with some Sea World Animal Ambassadors, such as this awesome Kookaburra bird and a cool king snake.

So glad April and her daughter joined us!

Sea World AdventureCon

Another highlight was meeting Star, a young American bald eagle rescued when her nest was destroyed in a storm in Florida. She doesn’t look quite like a bald eagle yet, but she will in a couple years when her new white feathers grow in.


Another special event just for us was an exclusive Q&A with one of the orca trainers to answer any questions we might have about the care and nurture of killer whales at Sea World. We had the freedom to ask absolutely anything we wanted about how they treat the orcas and the trainer was absolutely candid with us about everything. I was at Sea World in December the day after a new baby orca was born so I already saw firsthand and knew a lot of the truth about the orca program, but it was great to hear the questions of even the skeptics who had seen the Blackfish film get their questions answered. I’ve seen the film as well and I know the truth and still support Sea World completely.


My boys and Mike had a wonderful time riding the water slides and roller coasters while I got schooled in blogging and then we came back together for the orca trainer talk and VIP splash zone seating at the One Ocean show. Yes, we got completely soaked. Those orcas move a lot of water with their tails.

Nate and I waiting for One Ocean to start.

We also really enjoyed staying at the Courtyard Marriott Westover Hills, just five minutes from Sea World. It’s a great hotel with a sweet pool and a DJ dance party every Friday and Saturday night. The bartender makes a mean margarita too. I highly recommend it.

As a reminder, I am a Sea World Wildsider so I do get certain benefits such as season passes to the park, but Sea World is one of my favorite places to visit and I would still pay to come often. 


Another Sea World Adventure! {AdventureCon13 Recap}

The enthusiasm my kids show for going to Sea World and Aquatica in San Antonio never gets old to me. They talk about it frequently as one of their favorite places in the world and they have a tendency to brag to their friends about their adventures. Last month we went again for what was their fourth time. It was for AdventureCon, the annual weekend blogging conference that Sea World hosts, which was so much fun last year that I decided to go again this year.

Beluga whale Sea World Azul

The best part of AdventureCon for me is just seeing and meeting other blogger friends. My kids have made a few friends among the group which makes things even better. My patient husband supervised the kids while I learned more about storytelling and thinking like an editor. I also spoke at the conference about photography and led a photo walk, which was fun.

Photowalk Sea World AdventureCon

A highlight of the trip was the fabulous new show, Pets Ahoy. This show incorporates all kinds of animals from dogs and cats to pigs and ducks, all rescued and trained to be in the show. We were highly skeptical about how you could train a pig or a skunk, but it works and it’s super cute and funny! The show had us laughing non-stop.

Pets Ahoy boxer

Pets Ahoy Ducks

Pets Ahoy cat

Pets Ahoy dog

Pets Ahoy dogs

Another highlight for my kids was just riding the Journey to Atlantis ride…over and over and over again. I still have no interest in riding anything with huge drops like that, but my kids absolutely loved it. Check out this series of photos I took…Alex’s facial expressions are priceless!

journey to atlantis sea world

I just get such at kick out of these photos. There are many more in my Flickr set.

We also spent an entire day at Aquatica, which they kids enjoyed even more than Sea World. They are little fish and could swim and ride water slides all day long.

Sea World and Aquatica are totally worth the drive from Houston for me, and we get to go frequently because as a Sea World Wildside Blog Ambassador, I am provided with complimentary season passes. I sure do appreciate those, and the opportunity to catch up with all the other wonderful Wildsiders and the fantastic Sea World staff.

Have you visited Sea World San Antonio and the new Aquatica water park? What is your favorite show or attraction?