The Bluebonnet Tradition

We have now lived in Texas for four years and with the exception of last year we have spent at least one day every spring hunting for bluebonnets. Last year’s crop was bad because of the drought but this year we had a bumper crop of gorgeous wildflowers. 

First let me show you a sample of the first two years. 
Notice the carefully matched shirts. This year I did not put quite as much thought into the shirt colors, but I wanted it to be different than the previous years. I laid out some that were green and some that were blue and let my husband choose. He chose the green and I totally regret letting him choose. I threw the blue shirts in the car and you will see that they are far better for photos. I tried to leave early enough in the morning to not have crazy direct overhead sun, but alas it took me a long time of driving around Chappell Hill to find a suitable field not boxed in by fences. Hence the horrible contrasting shadows and highlights. Still, they are cute and it was a fun adventure. 

My boys seriously have an awesome relationship. I hope it lasts forever.

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