Shoes I Did Not Buy, But You Should

Last Sunday I popped on down to my local Nordstrom store to visit the Spa for an eyebrow wax as part of a project I’m working on for All Things Chic and Nordstrom. It *just* so happened to be the weekend of the incredible Women’s Half-Yearly sale as well, a magical few days when they pile up the leftovers of their gorgeous things onto sale racks and offer them at about 35-50% off.

If there’s one serious weakness I have in life, it is shoes. Especially the beautiful high heels they have at Nordstrom. They are a vice of mine. I once found myself buying two pair of shoes at full price, which was pretty steep. I haven’t ever regretted buying either pair.

But alas, right now is not a good time for us to spend unnecessary money, what with the whole adoption thing costing an arm and a leg. Shoes are definitely not something I’m in need of, especially dressy high heels I wear maybe once a week.

So let me show you the shoes I really really really wanted to buy. Several of them are available online and you should buy them. Right now. Then tell me. It’ll make me feel better.

First up were these stunning beautiful lavender patent pumps…with a BOW! I love bows. These are Enzo Angiolini and are also available in gold and red and something else, for a mere $60! I drooled over them, but could not justify them.

Then there were the Coach sandals, only $113! So practical, so “affordable”, and so cute. Again though, it just would  not be a good idea for me to spend that money on shoes, so I put them back on the sale rack. *sigh*
Finally, the ones I had the toughest time not purchasing. I’m still tempted to buy them, since they are still available in all sizes at the sale price of $60 online. I have several pairs of brown leather sandals but all are pretty old and I’m quite tired of them. Plus these have fantastic buckles! (Yes I know I need a pedi.)
Sacrifices, right? There’s a little girl in Haiti waiting for me and even one pair of these shoes equals a night or two in a guest house in Port Au Prince where I will have time to bond with her.
So link up this Fashion Friday and show me what other cute stuff you are shopping for! 

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  1. I have been avoiding opening my Nordstroms emails –I am a sucker for the big sale! And love those shoes— but yes, you made a wise decision 🙂 

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