My Boy’s Imagination

Scene: Leaving a restaurant in our ‘hood, I’m driving the mini-van with both boys in the backseat. Waiting to pull out at an intersection.

Alex: I see something dead on the road over there.

Me: Oh really? That’s too bad. What do you think it is?

Nate: Looks like a squirrel to me.

Alex: Looks like a stingray to me!

Nate: That’s impossible, it couldn’t be a stingray out here!

Me: Yeah that’s kinda silly. That would be tough.

Alex: Well it looks like a stingray to me.

Nate: I guess it could be. Maybe someone was driving a pick-up truck through our neighborhood with a big tank of water in the back and a stingray in it! And they hit a bump and the tank fell out! And the sun caused all the water to evaporate! And the wind blew all the broken glass away, which is why you don’t see it anymore!

Me: My goodness, that’s an impressive imagination. Keep using that. Exactly like that.